I am interested in the juxtaposition of the corset in modern day society as both a symbol of constraint as well as empowerment.   The corset is a metonymic symbol for the social and political restraint women were faced with during the time period in which they were forced to wear it. The corset constrains and confines the women’s body in a physical prison that represented the mental. Once the corset is removed, the markings are left behind as a reminder mirroring how the ramifications of gender issues are still present today. In an interesting antithetical stance, the corset can also be seen as a source of empowerment and confidence in women who choose to wear them. I am interested in the duality that it imposes and how through the course of time an object can be seen and represented in two starkly different ways. What they do have in common is both representations are powerful and leave a mark behind, both physically and mentally.